This website is offering free traveling from your source to your desired destination.

We are providing a Waiting list, you enter your name and email address, plus source and destination. Dates are open to the website, we will inform you the exact date when it is your turn.

This website is offering these services from 50% to 100% off from our sponsors:

  1. Airplane Ticket
  2. Hotel or residence
  3. Round-way (Airport, Hotel, Airport) Transfer

Our sponsors are:

  1. Airlines
  2. Hotels
  3. Tour Operators

This website will not ask your ID, copy of Passport, carry any baggage, send and message or anything else except supporting our sponsors.

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In sign up, you must enter your real Name and Email, because, all of future contacts will be by sending email, and your Name will be forwarded to our sponsors, so that any change could cause denial of free or off services.

Also Source and Destination is not possible to change. Each Person-Email combination can use only one source and destination. If you wish to use this service for more destination contact website to a suggestion or solution offer.